Fans honor iconic painter Frida Kahlo

Fans gathered at Frida Kahlo's Casa Azul home in Mexico City on Thursday, July 6, to mark 110 years since the birth of the iconic painter.

Casa Azul, or the "Blue House" in English, was Kahlo's birthplace and also the home where she grew up, lived with her husband Diego Rivera and eventually died. Today, it is one of the most popular museums in the Mexican capital and celebrates the life of the painter.

The museum celebrated with cake, popular Mexican songs, and a floral offering in her honor.

Art novice Frida Kahlo began painting as a teenager while convalescing from a horrific tram crash in 1925 in which she broke her back in three places and fractured other bones. The accident and a legacy of childhood polio left her in constant physical pain and unable to have children. Taking to painting as a means of self-expression, Kahlo's suffering is depicted in her very raw works.

Kahlo has also emerged as a fashion icon. Frida started to wear colorful indigenous dress to cover up her body following injury, a style which has gone on to inspire modern-day designers such as Missoni and Valentino.

Dwelling on the strong themes of pain and female disfigurement, none of Frida's paintings fetched more than $300 during her lifetime.