Spike, the giant stag beetle is the true Picasso of the insect world

Our tiny insect friends have a few notable talents: digging in dirt, crawling on walls, and, apparently, creating artistic masterpieces.

We now know that stag beetles can make quite the little artists, thanks to Twitter user mandy @ japan and her pet stag beetle, Spike.

Mandy posted a few pictures on Twitter that show off his unexpected special talent that surely has sent shock waves around the art world.

It's clear from the pictures that all the elements of art are carefully respected in his work: line, color, shape, form, value, space, and texture.

After the post went gained some noteriety, Mandy made Spike his very own Twitter account. It serves as a kind of digital art gallery devoted to his work.

Spike is 6 months old and has a girlfriend named Sally. He also likes bananas and dislikes empty jelly cups (the food pet beetles typically eat). And cutest of all, he even gives his owner "kisses".

Someone book Spike a gallery show.