Melania Trump advocates for life 'without fear' in Poland remarks


First lady Melania Trump accompanied her husband, U.S. President Donald Trump, in Poland on Thursday as the presidential couple laid wreaths and addressed an audience gathered in Warsaw.

Greeted by chants of "U.S.A.," Melania Trump took the stage on Thursday to say a few words in front of the Warsaw Uprising Monument after paying tribute to Poland's history of occupation under Nazi regime during World War II.

"As many of you know, a main focus of my husband's presidency is safety and security of the American people," the first lady said. "I think all of us can agree people should be able to live their lives without fear, no matter what country they live in. That is my wish for all of us around the world."

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President Trump's visit to Poland comes as the 45th U.S. commander in chief is set to next head to Hamburg for the G20 summit -- where he is expected to have a "sideline" meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Melania also noted that she visited the Copernicus Science Center, a space she found "thoughtful in its mission."

A recurring theme of the first lady's international trips since assuming her White House role, Melania had the chance to visit with children at the center, and thanked them during her remarks for making the tour a "wonderful experience."

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