Donald Trump scrambles for hotel room for G-20 summit

America's hotel-mogul-turned-president was reportedly left without a luxury room for the Group of 20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany after his team apparently forgot to book accommodations for his stay.

The U.S. government first sought to put President Donald Trump up in the Four Seasons for the annual gathering, but it was already booked solid by Saudi Arabia's King Salman, leaving Trump's team to search for another option, according to The Hamburger Abendblatt, a German news outlet.

World leaders are scattered across the city, with each country's delegations booking entire luxury hotels, according to a BuzzFeed News survey of the highest-rated hotels in Hamburg published Thursday.

The G-20 Summit organizers announced the gathering in February 2016, which requires 9,000 hotel rooms to accommodate world leaders, staffs and security details, according to Buzzfeed.

Trump will reportedly stay at Hamburg's Senate guesthouse, while the U.S. Consulate General is said to be hosting the president's staff in the city.

This would not mark the first time members of the Trump administration were left to scramble for lodging.

In February, Bloomberg reported that U.S. secretary of state Rex Tillerson was forced to say at a small German village 30 minutes from where other world leaders gathered for a G-20 meeting because hotels were booked by the time Tillerson confirmed he'd attend the event.

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