Steve Bannon reportedly reclaims position of favor in White House

It wasn't long ago that many speculated Steve Bannon's job as an adviser to President Trump was in jeopardy, but it appears the former executive chairman of Breitbart News has rebounded.

According to Axios, "the proud culture warrior who was briefly and very publicly in the Trump doghouse, is ascendant after what friends call a period of 'hibernation.'"

As further evidence of the adviser's reclamation of power, Axios notes, "his worldview is clearly in Trump's head"

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As an example, it lists some of the behaviors Bannon "loves, enables" and "encourages" including, "a hard line on immigration," giving, "the middle finger to NATO, and Germany in particular," and, "smackdowns with the media."

President Trump has certainly been engaging in the last, with CNN emerging as a preferred target.

Though Trump has long lumped the news network in with the many other outlets he calls "fake news," his particular distaste for CNN was made abundantly apparent in a recent tweet.

Over the weekend, Trump shared a wrestling video that shows him emerging victorious against his opponent, a man whose head has been replaced by a CNN logo.

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The news network is among those that have been following Bannon's journey out of and back into the president's favor.

In April, CNN pointed out that Trump's references to him were becoming ever less enthusiastic, possibly due to his strained relationship with Jared Kushner.

Weeks later, the media outlet reported, "a string of sharp turns by the President back toward the populist, nationalist DNA that underpinned his 2016 campaign," have been seen by some as Bannon's return to a position of influence.