Jersey Shore sand sculpture mocks now infamous Chris Christie beach trip

Despite the fact that New Jersey state beaches reopened for the July 4th holiday, following a statewide shutdown, people will never forget.

A sand sculpture of Gov. Chris Christie appeared on a local beach Tuesday, reminding those of photos that emerged during the shutdown of the governor and his family relaxing on a closed beach.

The front of the piece shows the governor lounging in a chair next to a shark that says "July 4th" on it. On the back are phrases such as "Beach Closed" and "I Love New Jersey."

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The sculpture was built on a Seaside Heights beach Tuesday by a pair the lifeguards only know as Larry and Tom, according to NBC News. The sculptors started their work at 9 a.m. and finished by 1 p.m.

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Apparently, the duo comes down to the beach with their families every year. Last year they built a sculpture that honored Sept. 11 victims.

Christie is taking heat from his constituents and from across the nation after photos of him lounging on a closed beach with his family hit the internet. A statewide government shutdown early Friday morning caused the public closure of beaches such as Island Beach State Park, where Christie was spotted.

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Christie spent a lot of the weekend trying to defend his actions. In an interview with Fox 5 NY, he said that he was keeping a promise to his family.

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"The governor has two residences in New Jersey. One down at the beach, at Island Beach State Park, and one at Drumthwacket," Gov. Christie said. "The governor is allowed to go to his residences, and I'm at my residence. I'll tell you this, I said last Monday — a week ago today, that no matter what happens — we were coming here as a family this weekend. This is where we live, one of the places we live."

A new budget agreement was met Monday night, which reopened state facilities.

Check out the sculpture below.

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