Police charge David Desper with murder of Bianca Roberson after dayslong manhunt

Following a dayslong manhunt, Chester County, Pennsylvania, police arrested and charged 28-year-old David Andrew Desper with first-degree murder for allegedly shooting high school graduate Bianca Roberson, WCAU reported.

Desper allegedly opened fire on Roberson during a road rage incident while she was returning from shopping, shooting her in the left side of the head after a dispute over lane turning in the same county. Roberson was college-bound at Jacksonville University, with Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan calling the shooting "a savage and senseless murder."

Authorities have additionally charged Desper with "third-degree murder, criminal homicide, recklessly endangering another person and possession of an instrument of crime with intent to use it criminally," according to WCAU.

"How can you just shoot a baby, an 18-year-old girl, on her way to college and then just speed off like it was nothing?" Michelle Roberson, the victim's mother, told WCAU. "She didn't deserve to die like this."

Vibe reported Roberson's grandmother had driven by the scene of the murder not knowing who was involved, telling herself "I hope it's not Bianca."

According to WJAX, authorities closed in on Desper after identifying that a red Chevrolet pickup truck was seen at the scene of the crime, as well as that Roberson was killed using a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson pistol.