Buzz Aldrin’s reactions to Trump’s bizarre space speech steal the spotlight

Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin's facial reactions stole the show, while President Trump announced the return of the National Space Council.

At a press conference, where Trump signed an executive order reinstating the Council, which was last active in 1993, he called space "the next great American frontier."

Soon after, the second man to walk the moon seemed baffled when Trump added, "At some point in the future, we're going to look back and say, 'How did we do it without space?'"

Later, there was another a strange exchange between them. Before signing the executive order Trump joked with Aldrin, saying, "There's a lot of room out there, right?"

The astronaut's responded, "To infinity and beyond."

But Trump didn't seem to get the joke referencing Buzz Lightyear's catchphrase in "Toy Story."

"This is infinity here. It could be infinity. We don't really don't know. But it could be. It has to be something, but it could be infinity, right?" the president replied.

Vice President Mike Pence also made headlines. The Washington Post reports that when welcoming the astronauts to the White House he didn't introduce the female astronaut in the room Sandy Magnus.