Texas man who committed weird sex acts with veggies gets life in prison for tampering with evidence

A Texas man was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday for tampering with evidence and drug possession.

Charles Robert Ransier, 56, was arrested in 2015 when a state trooper found him sitting near a truck on the side of Interstate 35 with a meth-filled syringe in hand. The officer saw a girl's swimsuit "laid out perfectly" on the floorboard of the vehicle next to a tube of lubricant, the Austin American-Statesman reports.

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At the time, Ransier, who then had nine previous felony convictions, was reportedly topless, wearing only a pair of jeans with melted wax on his chest. He was placed in handcuffs after attempting to break off the end of the syringe and ignoring the officer's order to stop tampering with the evidence.

Police searched his vehicle and found children's clothes, baby oil, duct tape, Barbie dolls, candy, and Viagra, among other weird items, like a cooler full of frozen cucumbers.

Ransier, who some would say has a rather unwholesome affinity to vegetables, was apprehended previously while possessing produce.

In 2014, Ransier was found on a baseball field, solely wearing women's stockings, where he was reportedly "engaging in a deviant sex act with a vegetable," Dallas News reported. And two years prior to that incident, he was found getting frisky with a squash.

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He was also convicted of manslaughter in 2015 for the death of a police officer and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Authorities said Ransier was high on meth while driving when he struck Sgt. Mark Dyer, who was making a traffic stop at that time.

Ransier received a life sentence for evidence tampering and got 20 years for possession of drugs. He was also fined $10,000.