Study reveals Louisiana has the highest homicide rate by gun

Deadly mass shootings, and even high-profile shootings like the one that targeted GOP congressman earlier this month, often trigger a country-wide discussion about gun laws.

Gun laws in the United States are modest at the federal level, leaving most of the regulations on firearms up to the individual state.

While states like Alaska, Idaho and Montana have just four gun laws on record, California has 104 gun laws.

A new study from the State Firearm Laws project shows that homicides by gun have dropped overall since the early 90s, however, some states have seen a rise in gun-related homicides.

The study by researchers at Boston University's School of Public Health tracks the number of gun regulations by state, including policies on concealed-carry permits, assault rifles, and domestic violence.

According to the State Firearm Laws project, Louisiana had America's highest rate of homicides by gun. Mississippi and Alabama follow to round out the top three deadliest states by firearm.

New Hampshire ranked the lowest homicide rate by firearm, followed by Rhode Island and Maine.