New survey reveals Windows users went Trump, Mac users with Clinton in 2016 election


Computers have certainly been a dominant theme in the discussion of the 2016 election and its outcome, with multiple entities looking into Russian hackers and their digital means and methods.

While it may not be the smoking gun any investigators are seeking, SurveyMonkey has uncovered a rather interesting computer platform usage pattern among American voters.

Based on an analysis of data by Axios, Windows users put Donald Trump in office. Had only Mac fans voted, Hillary Clinton would have emerged the victor.

Click through to see the states that went for Donald Trump in Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election:

It's unclear if data analytics teams that work for political campaigns delve into platform usage when finding and persuading voters, but, if not, it may be a worthwhile effort.

Back in September, Scientific American expressed confidence that Clinton was, as Barack Obama did, using computer data experts to pinpoint voters and assess how to best win their favor.

Even though both Trump and Clinton campaigns likely utilized data analytics for the 2016 election, personally, they don't seem to be avid computer users.

According to the Associated Press, "Trump rarely uses email or computers despite his frequent tweeting."

The news agency also notes that at a New Year's Eve party held at his Mar-a-Lago club, Trump said, "No computer is safe. I don't care what they say."

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