Woman delays flight 5 hours after tossing coins into engine for 'luck'

A plane in one of China's largest airports was stalled for over five hours, costing thousands of dollars in inspections, because of a measly 1.7 yuan, the equivalent of about 25 cents.

According to Chinese police, an 80-year-old woman with no previous criminal record said she was praying for a safe flight when she threw coins at and around the plane.

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She landed one in the engine of the Airbus A320 en route to Guangzhou from Shanghai's Pudong Airport.

Nine coins in total were found.

One-hundred and fifty people were cleared from the plane and, after hours of checks and inspection, the plane landed at its destination over 5 hours late.

This comes after FlightStats, which tracks on-time flight departures, ranked mainland Chinese airports as the worst in the world.

Police say they will continue investigating the case, but at least the passengers know who to blame for this particular flight delay!