Video: Man calmly walks into pub after being hit by a bus

A terrifying bus crash caught on camera. An unsuspecting British man crosses the street when an out of control double-decker bus collides right into him, sending him flying.

You can see Simon Smith's head strike the windshield, breaking the glass as he's catapulted 20 feet forward. But miraculously, Smith manages to recover, getting up, and dusting himself off and walking right into the nearby pub!

According to the co-owner of the Purple Turtle bar Smith ran into, Smith simply brushed himself off and took an ambulance to the hospital where he was treated for minor cuts and bruises.

It's unclear what exactly caused the bus to careen out of control, but the crash was so remarkable, first responders had trouble believing 53-year-old Smith's story.

He told The Sun, "I hadn't lost consciousness so I knew what had happened. But the police and paramedics didn't believe me...they kept saying 'No you were hit by debris'."

But once they saw the incredible video, they apologized to Smith, who's said to be in recovery, while the driver has been taken off the road pending an investigation.