Trump raises $10M in first re-election fundraiser at his DC hotel

If there's one thing President Trump likes about the world of politics, it's campaigning.

Trump held his first re-election rally on Wednesday night, and it even aired a TV spot.

As part of his early-bird streak, President Trump held his first fundraising event at his D.C. hotel, and that location choice is raising some eyebrows.

Some 300 donors raised Trump about $10 million dollars at this event for his "Keep America Great" campaign.

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While Trump isn't exactly creating a conflict of interest since his sons currently manage his business empire, the event still inadvertently promotes the brand. The $35,000 to $110,000 entrance fee will also in part be used to pay the hotel for hosting, increasing his profits.

Perhaps understanding the poor optics, Trump's spokeswoman reversed course on allowing press into the event.

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Politico reports that behind closed doors Trump went after the media -- in particular CNN -- and poked fun at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

The news of the fundraiser comes just weeks after it was revealed his D.C. hotel accepted $270,000 dollars worth of payments tied to Saudi Arabia. Trump insists the money will be donated, but that may be difficult. According to MSNBC, the hotel isn't tracking foreign payments.

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