Firefighters resuscitate tiny dog found covered in soot during house fire

Brave firefighters in Maryland resuscitated a poor Chihuahua that was caught in a house fire while her family was out for the day.

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The team of firemen was responding to an unrelated incident when along the way, they noticed smoke coming from a house, according to Chief Donny Fletcher of the Prince George's County Fire Department.

A fire had started in the back bedroom of the home, and was quickly spreading.

"There were heavy smoke conditions, temperatures in excess of 500 to 600 degrees," he explained. "Smoke was coming from the entire house."

Upon searching the home, firefighters found a box with a dog inside, and rushed it to medics waiting outside.

While their medics aren't normally trained to handle animals, they dove right in to help.

"Our guys are highly trained professionals, and while it is a dog, a breathing, functioning thing's anatomy is very similar to a human being," Fletcher told "We might not know the veterinary way of doing it, but we would use similar principles we do on a human being."

The medics opened the dog's airway and wiped soot away from its face before administering oxygen.

"Probably 10 or 15 seconds after, the dog started slowly breathing again and began panting," Fletcher said.

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Medics also noticed small burns on the pup's body.

"The dog was very much in danger," Fletcher said, but explained it probably avoided serious injuries since it was small and stayed low to the ground.

"The lower you can stay in a situation like that, the better, so that's one thing the dog had going for itself," he said.

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