Crabs swarm baggage claim at airport, inciting chaos

Travelers waiting at the baggage claim at Caribbean's Lynden Pindling International Airport got the shock of their lives when a massive number of crabs rolled through with their suitcases.

Footage of the wild incident was posted to Facebook. It shows dozens of crustaceans climbing on top of luggage -- some even managed to make it to the floor and make a break for it.

As the camera pans across the scene, a man can be seen trying to gather the crabs and force them back into the cooler from which they presumably came.

"Oh my goodness!" one person screams in the video.

Lionel Bonimy shared the video to Facebook.

"Sooo, while waiting on my bag at LPIA this afternoon," he wrote in the caption. "Someone's cooler of crabs popped open on the conveyor belt and they made a run for it!!! Bahamians may love to eat crab, but we all sure ain't trying to catch them lol!!!"