Video captures horrific moment sale planned on popular app OfferUp goes wrong

Video captured the horrific moment that a sale orchestrated on a popular app went terribly wrong and a teenager was dragged about 100 yards down the street in Henrico County, Virginia.

According to WTVR, OfferUp user Kowl arranged a meeting to buy some Jordan 1's for $200.

"Apparently he was to meet these gentlemen at Walgreens," an anonymous woman told WTVR. "Later we found out it was three guys, but it was just one guy he was supposed to meet to sell the shoes."

According to the source, the seller waited at Walgreens for the buy to arrive for an hour. Eventually, the buyer called to ask the seller to meet him on a residential road.

After approaching the buyer, video shows the seller back up as if he thought the buyer was going to get out of the car to give him money for the shoes.

Instead, the men in the car drove off — with the seller still holding onto the car.

The seller was dragged for quite a long distance, which resulted in road rash injuries and stitches.

"He's very lucky to be standing and only walking away with minor injuries instead of something more serious," the anonymous woman told WTVR.