'This thing was not a bear': Hunt for Bigfoot underway in Pennsylvania


Is Sasquatch hiding out in the woods of western Pennsylvania?

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a team of hunters from northern California seems to think so.

It all started when a couple from Crawford County in Pennsylvania contacted the "godfather" of all Bigfoot hunters to take a look at their property after finding what they believed to be mysterious footprints.

Keith and Robin Morgan live in a rural area of the county, where they say they saw a large, bizarre-looking creature walking across their farm covered in black fur last year.

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Claiming to have seen a creature far more massive than a bear, the couple called in the help of Carmine Biscardi, or "The Godfather of Bigfoot," as he identifies himself.

Biscardi, who has spent 50 years of his life searching for the legendary creature, reviewed the couple's initial reports and visited the area earlier this week to conduct a more in-depth investigation.

"Me and the team are responding [sic]. We are going to be checking the whole area out. We got a lot of property to look at," Biscardi's son, T.J. Biscardi, told KDKA. "This is one of the pens where the creature was actually...they had to move the hogs out of here because something was coming in, climbing over the fence, killing the hogs and taking them out."

The team, which consists of three generations of Biscardi men, is using thermal-image camera and setting up bait to hopefully get concrete proof that Bigfoot exists once and for all.

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"I want the reality to be seen as we see it. So, if we see it in real time as he records it, the whole world will get to see it in real time. So, it's not just stories. It's called reality," the senior Biscardi told reporters.

To capture the creature, the family says they're suspending peanut butter and sardines from high up in tree, at a height that is allegedly within their target's height.

The Biscardis reportedly follow up on nearly 30 tips and reports a day to get closer to finding Bigfoot. They're also offering $1 million to anyone with information leading to its capture.