Queenslanders are challenged to name seven police puppies

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) in Australia called for the locals to assist them in naming the latest litter of seven puppies in a video released on Thursday, June 22, when the puppies turned six weeks old.

"Now squad, as our latest recruits you should uphold the values of modern policing. You need to lead by example, have good listening skills, be great communicators and always well groomed. Now get out there and show us what you're made of," said Dog Squad Sgt. Dean Hansen.

The QPS has the tradition to name each litter with the initial letter that follows in alphabetical order, the Media and Public Affair Officer Natalie Wilson told Reuters. The latest litter dictates that their names will begin with the letter 'G', Wilson added.

The puppies, two male and five female, will be trained to become general purpose or drug detection dogs, according to the media statement from the QPS.