Pool and unusual: Woman claims she was kicked out of swimming area over one-piece bathing suit

A Tennessee woman says she was kicked out of her apartment complex swimming pool near Knoxville for wearing a pink, one-piece bathing suit.

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"I felt really, really violated and sexualized and objectified," Tori Jenkins told Inside Edition.

Jenkins and her fiancé were recently cooling off at the pool when a woman from the leasing office asked her to cover up.

"The worst part was when she told me there are a lot of teenage boys in the complex and I don't need to be exciting them," Jenkins added.

Jenkins said she was singled out because of her curves and the woman demanding she put some clothes on "apparently had multiple complaints."

She added: "I was sitting next to a woman in a strapless bikini — she was smaller than me — and it wasn't much of an issue. It shows a lot more skin."

Her fiancé shared the details of her ordeal on social media, and the story went viral.

"Tori was accused of wearing a thong bathing suit and told there were complaints about the way she dressed after roughly three minutes tops of us arriving there," Tyler Newman, her fiancé, wrote in the post.

"There is nothing inappropriate about her suit," one person commented.

Another said: "You are beautiful and have a right to wear this at your pool."

Inside Edition went to the complex's manager, who didn't have much to say.

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"Let me give you the name and number of who you can contact," the person at the office said.

Jenkins said she hopes to wear the swimsuit again but "I'll definitely wear it around friends who make me feel good."

She added: "We'll see about in public."

The apartment complex told Inside Edition in a statement that despite multiple residents expressing concerns about Jenkins' swimsuit, she was never asked to leave the pool area.

Instead, they say she was asked to wrap a towel around herself per the complex's policies, which they say are posted near the swimming area.

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