Woman announces pregnancy with hilarious cake, surprising soon-to-be grandma


This soon-to-be grandmother got the surprise of her life when her rude birthday treat actually contained news of her daughter's pregnancy.

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During a birthday celebration for Terry Overfelt of St. Louis, Mo., her daughter Hillary Hinrichs presented her with a cake that read, "Happy birthday ya stupid lookin' grandma."

After a moment of disbelief, Overfelt was captured in a video on Facebook overcome with emotion.

"Mom was the first to notice, for sure," Hinrichs told InsideEdition.com. "Right when she saw the word 'grandma,' she put it together."

She explained all their extended family members were in town for multiple birthday celebrations, which is why she and her husband Derek Hinrichs felt it would be the perfect moment to break the news.

The crude message that written across a Dairy Queen cake, Hinrichs explained, was an inside joke shared within the family.

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"We have made some quirky or sarcastic cakes in the past," she explained. "Our family expected it to be out of the ordinary."

The Hinrichs family is now expecting their baby on November 1, coinciding with her and her husband's three-year wedding anniversary.

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