Six Flags crowd heroically catches 14-year-old girl after falling from ride

The Six Flags Great Escape theme park located in Queensbury, New York, was almost the location of a horrible tragedy when a 14-year old girl nearly fell off of the park's "Boomerang" ride from a height of approximately 25 feet. In footage from the incident, captured in the YouTube video above, the girl can be seen hanging from the ride awkwardly as the crowd below assembles and prepares to save her — and eventually does so once she feels comfortable enough to fall.

In another Facebook post of the incident, a member of the crowd below can be heard yelling "We'll catch you, honey" as she figures out her best options while holding on to the bar of the pod she was riding in. One person even thought ahead and climbed a tree in order to move branches out of the way for when the girl eventually fell.

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Fortunately, the crowd did end up performing a heroic feat and caught the girl once she dropped. Based on the reported height of the ride at the time she fell, bystanders presumably saved her from some very serious harm should she have completely fallen from the Boomerang with nothing below to ease her plummet.

According to The Daily Dot, the girl was taken to the hospital but suffered no drastic injuries and the ride remains temporarily closed for the time being. There is still no confirmed reason as to why the girl fell in the first place, and safety officials tested the ride after the incident but found nothing amiss.