Ivanka Trump on President Trump's tweeting: 'I try to stay out of politics'


President Trump's tweets are closely tracked by his supporters as well as critics and they have had a significant impact on setting the recent political discourse in the U.S.

In a "Fox & Friends" interview that aired on Monday, the president's daughter and senior adviser, Ivanka Trump, was asked what advice she gives her father when it comes to tweeting.

"I try to stay out of politics...his political instincts are phenomenal," Ivanka responded. "He did something that no one could have imagined he'd be able to accomplish...I feel blessed just being part of the ride from day one and before. But he did something pretty remarkable. But I don't profess to be a political savant."

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Trump has used the social media platform to not only push his agenda but also to attack the mainstream media and Democrats.

On Monday morning, his target was former President Obama.

Following reports that the Obama administration delayed taking action after learning about the Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election, Trump posted a series of tweets.

He wrote, "The reason that President Obama did NOTHING about Russia after being notified by the CIA of meddling is that he expected Clinton would win and did not want to 'rock the boat.' He didn't 'choke,' he colluded or obstructed, and it did the Dems and Crooked Hillary no good."

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