Dog elected mayor of Kentucky town for a fourth term

Some political positions have term limits, but residents of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky don't seem to mind that their mayor is always getting reelected.

Brynneth Pawltro, a 3-year-old pit bull, has won the title of mayor for the fourth time. She beat a cat, the chicken, a donkey and a little boy.

According to Bobbi Kayser, who works at the Rabbit Hash Historical Society, the election started in the 1990s as a fundraiser. "We charge you a dollar for your vote," Kayser told WDRB, "You vote as often as you want."

Rabbit Hash is so small it doesn't need a human mayor, and the money from the election usually goes to town improvements. This year, however, it will go towards rebuilding the General Store that was damaged in a fire.

Jordie Bamforth, Brynneth's owner, said only time will tell if the pup will run yet again. She told WDRB, "We'll see what politics does to her for the next four years."

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