Rumors swirl again that Justice Kennedy is getting ready to retire


There has been mounting speculation that Supreme Court Justice AnthonyKennedy may be getting ready to retire which would leave a vacant seat for President Trump to fill, according to Slate.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes tweeted Thursday, "Just a reminder: there's a chance Kennedy announces his retirement on Monday, paving the way for the end of Roe."

He was referencing the landmark 1973 Supreme Court abortion-rights case Roe vs. Wade which Trump has indicated he would like to overturn through his choice of nominees to the court, notes Reuters.

Behind the scenes and rare images of Supreme Court Justices:

Soon after his post, Hayes responded to a question about the basis behind his tweet by writing, "lots of talk in conservative legal circles. Ex clerks of his think he might, though odds are that he won't is how I'd handicap it."

He also retweeted responses by Democratic operative Josh Orton who said in a series of messages about Justice Kennedy's impending retirement, "I've been helping some folks plan for this, and general consensus is that it will be next summer after redistricting case. But Kennedy is so politically naive/myopic I still worry that [Justice Neil] Gorsuch has convinced him going now would help bring stability, or something."

Orton added, "Yet he hasn't done any of the procedural/ceremonial stuff you expect to see from retiring justice. So I'm guessing next year."

According to Reuters, such rumors have prompted liberals to campaign to keep Justice Kennedy on the court.

Even though the Reagan-era appointee is ideologically more conservative, he has long been considered an important swing vote on a number of issues including abortion, affirmative action, and regulatory decisions.

Despite comments from Trump and other high-profile Republicans about the retirement rumors, the soon-to-be 81-year-old justice has declined to talk about his future plans.