Internet mocks Trump spelling error in White House video

Social media had a field day calling out a spelling error in a video that was posted to President Trump's Facebook page on Friday.

The captioned clip was intended to promote a rally he had held in Iowa but instead attracted attention by accidentally misspelling the word "miners."

While the post seems to have since been deleted from the president's Facebook page, social media was quick to respond to the error.

Click through the best reactions and jokes about the typo:

Internet reacts to Trump team spelling error
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Internet reacts to Trump team spelling error
FINALLY. Minors are the biggest freeloaders in this country.
Putting our "minors" back to work.
@kylegriffin1 For Trump supporters who may be reading this, it should say "miners".
@kylegriffin1 He nose all the fantastic words.
Screenshot I just took of potus Facebook page. Making grimy urchins great again.
Ironically, @realDonaldTrump is giving "minors" and "miners" the shaft, so it's mox nix.
Yes this is really a typo that is on Donald Trump’s Facebook page right now
This is real. The typo presidency continues to reach new heights.
It's about time we put the minors back to work
"Miners not minors you idiot!" - Alexander Dane, Galaxy Quest.

One Twitter user wrote, "They're just going to replace miners with minors. That should work."

Meanwhile, someone else said, "He meant it, Trump doesn't make mistakes he is winning."

Others were receptive of the message with comments like, "Hope he can put minors to work. We'd have a generation come up that believed in contributing to society rather than thinking they're owed."

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