Bannon: Trump wants to 'let the warfighters fight the war'

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon revealed details about President Trump's military strategy during an interview on Saturday.

According to Bannon Trump will "let the warfighters fight the war."

At least that is what Bannon told CNN, also saying the president hasn't "given up any of the strategic decisions" and is still personally focused on defeating ISIS.

So far in his presidency, Trump has given more decision-making power to leaders in the military – a significant shift from past administrations on both sides of the aisle.

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But retired Lieutenant General Mark Hertling says delegating some of that responsibility could result in questions about accountability.

"That's fine until something goes wrong," he told CNN. "Then who is going to take the responsibility for those things going wrong? Is it the guy he gave the authority to or is it still him?"

Trump's management style has led to a reduction in power for the White House's National Security Council and a boost in authority for the CIA.