Police find golf cart chop shop during drug bust in retirement community

When police raided a large Florida retirement community, they found a disturbing supply of drugs and weapons — but something even more unusual has people utterly shocked.

Authorities uncovered evidence of a golf cart chop shop, WFTV reports.

Sumter County Sheriff's Office said undercover deputies bought drugs at the residence three different times, according to Villages-News.com. Neighbors had also complained that several golf carts had been stolen.

During the bust, investigators found, in a distinctly Floridian twist, numerous parts of golf carts — windshields, wheels, seat cushions, tires and more.

Five people were arrested in the raid — 53-year-old Kenneth Ray Padgett, 42-year-old Charlotte L. Gajewsky, 45-year-old William Anthony Wade Romska, 63-year-old Michael Edward Witkowski and 43-year-old Kathleen Unrath.

Deputies have not been able to tie the golf cart thefts to the five people arrested in the raid.

According to WFTV, investigators said the older man who owns the home where the bust occurred did not know what was going on. Kathleen Unrath, his niece and one of the five arrested, moved in and allowed others to come into the house.