New skin patch plays radio powered by sweat

Most people hate sweating, but what if your sweat could power your phone?

Scientists believe they've developed a new skin patch that can play a radio for two days using body sweat.

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According to the report in the Energy and Environmental Science journal, the stretchable electronic-skin-based biofuel cell (E-BFC) uses enzymes that act like the metals in a battery and combines them with the lactic acid from our sweat, to generate power.

The idea sounds cool and the New Scientist believes that in the near future our sweat could charge our phones.

While powering your radio on your morning jog sounds like a good idea, researchers really want to use the technology to track a person's health including things such as glucose levels in patients with diabetes.

First a nicotine patch, now an iPhone patch. Maybe next they'll come up with a patch that can detect your food cravings and order from Seamless for you!