Dennis Rodman breaks down in interview about Kim Jong Un

One of the most controversial athletes and friend of North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un, broke down in tears during an interview on ABC News.

NBA great Dennis Rodman just got back from his most recent trip to North Korea and he sat down with Good Morning America's Michael Strahan to talk specifically about his motivation for the trips and the backlash he faces for going.

Click through images from Dennis Rodman's return to North Korea:

"What am I getting out of this? I'm going over there out of the kindness of my heart trying to help. And next thing you know, you come back. Wow. What did I do that's so bad."

Strahan followed up asking if the trips have been worth the criticism.

Rodman replied: "Absolutely, I think it's worth it."

Rodman's most recent visit came on the day American student Otto Warmbier was released from the communist country after being held for more than a year, accused of taking a propaganda poster.

Rodman seemed to imply his trip may have played a role in Warmbier's release, saying, "Later that day, that's when we found out he was ill, no one knew that. We jumped up and down ... Some good things came of this trip."

Warmbier died a week after he was released. It was revealed that he spent the majority of his time in prison in a coma.

Rodman has talked a lot about his friendship with the North Korean dictator and says they ride horses and sing karaoke together.