Banksy’s identity might have been revealed after 20 years

The identity of the world's most famous street artist might have been revealed after more than 20 years of remaining anonymous.

The big reveal might have been made by accident.

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During a podcast discussion in the show 'Distraction Pieces,' British DJ Goldie was commenting on graffiti as a commodity when he referred to the anonymous artist as "Robert."

This inadvertently confirms the rumors that Banksy is, in fact, Robert del Naja, a founding member of the group Massive Attack.

Del Naja first started as a graffiti artist, someone who Banksy has said he draws inspiration from, in the past.

Right after Goldie outed the incognito artist in the podcast he quickly changed the subject.

Banksy's worldwide appeal spanning two decades has been due to the provocatively political nature of his art, but also because of his anonymity.