US state with the worst air quality in the country revealed

This state may have palm trees, sunshine and Hollywood, but even vegan diets and juice cleanses can't save California from its poor air quality situation.

Cali tops the American Lung Association's State of the Air 2017 report as having the highest ozone levels which are not exactly a list you want to be first on.

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The report shows more than 90 percent of California residents live in counties with bad air, despite the state's efforts to fight climate change and raise environmental standards.

While those efforts have paid off, California's rising population and quality of life, as well as living in your car, doesn't help.

CBS News reports the state's sunshine is actually making it worse for ozone levels because when the sun's rays split oxygen molecules it produces ozone.

If you're looking for cleaner air, you'll have to head to Wyoming or Hawaii.

The Aloha state joins California in states that are working towards the standards put in place by the Paris Agreement after Trump withdrew the country from it.

The President can learn an important lesson. On the whole, Americans aren't breathing in perfect air. Four in 10 Americans are affected by dangerously bad air.