North Korea calls Trump a 'psychopath,' warns South Korea against following White House

North Korea has labeled President Trump a "psychopath" and warns South Korea that no good will come from aligning with him.

The advice was given in an editorial published by Pyongyang's state-run newspaper.

In addition to noting that, "South Korea must realize that following psychopath Trump...will only lead to disaster," the piece alleged that Trump is planning a preemptive strike on North Korea in hopes of distracting people from the "tough situation" he's experiencing at home.

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While President Trump had once expressed hope that diplomacy would be an effective means of managing the tensions between the U.S. and North Korea, his tone on the matter has changed.

After the passing of Otto Warmbier, who returned to the U.S. in a coma after spending over a year imprisoned in North Korea, Trump called the nation's regime "brutal."

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He also pledged to, "prevent such tragedies from befalling innocent people at the hands of regimes that do not respect the rule of law or basic human decency."