Girl Scouts are now giving out badges for cyber security

Samoas and thin mints and tagalongs, oh my! Selling girl scout cookies teach salesman skills and give troop members a chance to earn more badges. Also, they're just plain delicious!

But there's more to girl scouts than cookies and there's a new badge in town to prove it.

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The Girl Scouts Will Start Selling Cookies Online
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The Girl Scouts Will Start Selling Cookies Online

Read on to learn about the Girl Scouts' new cookie ordering process.

Girl Scouts will now use an online platform called "Digital Cookie” to sell cookies.

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Each girl scout can invite customers to her own webpage with an email address. According to Time, you won't be able to access the site to purchase cookies without an email invitation, so that the Girl Scouts can build client lists.

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The new digital platform is expected to raise $800 million in sales a year for the Girl Scouts.

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“Girls across the country now can use modern tools to expand the size and scope of their cookie business,” explained Sarah Angel-Johnson, who directs the digital cookie platform, “and learn vital entrepreneurial lessons in online marketing, application use and e-commerce.”

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Girl Scouts as young as age five are hitting the computers to earn their cyber security badges.

Girl Scouts of USA teamed up with Palo Alto Networks to offer 18 cyber security badges that will be rolled out starting next fall.

Girl Scouts' CEO said the move was to eliminate barriers to cyber security employment such as gender and geography.

The badges will be for tasks involving identity theft and other computer crimes.

Despite the influx of tech jobs, men still dominate the field. In fact, just 11 percent of women globally are in the cyber security industry.

Now girl scouts can be experts at handling cookies both on and off the internet.

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