Colorado teachers are being armed with guns

Some Teachers in Colorado are spending their summer at the gun range.

That's because some educators have decided the best way to protect against further school shootings is to arm themselves in the classroom.

Over a three-day session, 17 school personnel will be taught at a Weld County range near Denver on how to become "armed first responders."

They will be taught by the "Faculty Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response" group or FASTER, for short.

Once the administrators complete the training, they'll be able to enter schools with concealed guns.

The "FASTER" group was founded in response to the devastating 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

They say the training won't replace police, but it will help "stop school violence rapidly." The program also teaches medical aid.

Not everyone is on board though. Group Safe Campus Colorado tells the local News the training and resulting presence of guns are actually "detrimental to the safety of both students and teachers."