Amanda Knox makes Instagram public: 'No more hoarding all my amazing cat videos'

Amanda Knox has taken her Instagram public.

The Waiting to Be Heard author announced on Twitter on Tuesday that she had decided to open her Instagram up to the world, writing, "What's happening? Well, I made my Instagram public. No more hoarding all my amazing cat videos."

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Knox became a household name during a years-long investigation into the 2007 death of her roommate, Meredith Kercher, in Italy. The Seattle native's murder conviction was overturned by Italy's highest court in 2015.

Many of Knox's posts reference her work with the Innocence Project working to free innocent prisoners and those wrongfully accused. In April, she posted a selfie of herself wearing a shirt reading, "It could happen to you."

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Other posts include photos of her cats, like she promised, as well as snaps with her boyfriend, Christopher Robinson, as they traveled around Europe.

Knox and Robinson even dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf in a couple of pics.

Knox told her story in a Netflix documentary released last year.

Amanda Knox on Instagram
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Amanda Knox on Instagram
Portrait by @alyssamonette
Fats and Screams in my lap this morning.
Finally over the jet lag and ready to go see a castle!
Sometimes, to get your creative juices flowing, you have to write at the kitchen table while wearing an owl mask.
Awkward Greek goddess.
Birthday kiss.
Emil doesn't really care much for my reading.
Last day at the #INConf2017
@emcee_carbon is gone at #awp17
Longest plush pink couch EVER at Hotel Barbie.
I'm loving this new rubber koi necklace I found at Toronto's St. Lawrence Market.
Happy Mother's Day to the woman always by my side, celebrating my life, @eddamellas. I love you, Mom.
@emcee_carbon Note the glowing shoes.
Day before moving-in-together day! Arnold Palmer's, cabbage and parsley salad with carrots, tomatoes, chicken goat cheese, and soft boiled egg. ❤ @emcee_carbon
Well, I guess you gotta love me forever now. @emcee_carbon

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