Report: North Korea's Kim Jong-un fears being assassinated by 'decapitation unit'

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un is reportedly afraid of potential plots to assassinate him, including by decapitation.

According to The Korea Herald, this assessment was shared during a recent meeting between South Korean lawmakers and the country's intelligence officials.

In fact, one representative who attended the briefing said, "Kim is so engrossed with collecting information about the 'decapitation operation' through his intelligence agency."

The existence of a so-called "decapitation unit" is said to have been confirmed by a South Korean Defense official.

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A report by the Independent explains that the team's mission is to "'decapitate' Kim Jong-un and other senior Communist officials in the North in the event of war."

And while it had been slated to be ready for action by 2019, the timeline was reportedly moved up to the latter part of this year.

This acceleration was likely a response to North Korea's increasing show of hostility toward its southern neighbor by releasing provocative propaganda and ramping up missile tests.

However, a South Korean professor has since criticized the defense ministry's public comments about the decapitation unit, particularly while the country's leadership is in turmoil.

Nevertheless, Kim is said to be so concerned about this risk and others that he is reportedly traveling in different cars during unusually early times of day.

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