Trump tweets his approval rating is higher than Obama’s


President Trump cited right-leaning Rasmussen Reports in a tweet on Sunday while discussing his approval rating.

He tweeted, "The new Rasmussen Poll, one of the most accurate in the 2016 Election, just out with a Trump 50% Approval Rating. That's higher than O's #'s!"

A news release on Friday from Rasmussen Reports notes, "This is the first time the president's overall approval rating has hit the 50% mark since late April. His approval rating has ranged from a high of 59% in late January shortly after he took office to a low of 42% in early April."

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Other polls reflect much lower approval ratings for Trump.

An aggregate rating of various polls, including that of Rasmussen Reports, by RealClearPolitics shows the president's recent average approval at 40 percent.

Meanwhile, in other tweets on Sunday, Trump touted his administration's activities.

He wrote, "The MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN agenda is doing very well despite the distraction of the Witch Hunt. Many new jobs, high business enthusiasm, massive regulation cuts, 36 new legislative bills signed, great new S.C.Justice, and Infrastructure, Healthcare and Tax Cuts in works!"

The 'witch hunt' reference is likely in connection to the Russia probe.

The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that as part of the investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 U.S. election, special counsel Robert Mueller is now examining whether the president "attempted to obstruct justice."