Aspiring astronauts, pack your bags: You can now swim with the moon

You won't experience zero-gravity, but you will feel weightless as you float underneath the moon with Luke Jerram's latest traveling piece entitled 'Museum of the Moon.' The vast structure was created using a photograph captured by a NASA satellite using the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera. The sculpture has been scaled down to 1:500,000 making each centimeter equal to 5 km of the moon's surface.

Jerram's highly detailed sculpture has an internal light which replicates the glow we have looked to since the beginning of time.

Dive in below:

'Museum of the Moon' was created as a way to compare cultural differences all over the world. The meaning of the piece's interpretation changes just as the moon's shape shifts, depending on its relation to the sun.

Jerram offers 3 different examples of presentations: indoor or outdoor installation to be used as a venue space, swimming with the moon and a parade with the moon. Each option comes with a certain experience but Museum of the Moon is clearly open to its host city's ideas.

Along with the structural display, the piece includes an auditory experience created by BAFTA and award-winning composer Dan Jones. As the piece roams the globe, new audio is added to the experience as it evolves, creating its own history as it comes into contact with more individuals. Depending on where the piece has been installed, the events around the piece differ greatly. When the piece is presented as a venue, the curators of the event are given the opportunity to create their own lunar inspired activities to take place beneath the moon.

Jerram has created an interactive experience that will not only be interpreted differently for each individual but also provide a unique event that promises a 'one night only' interaction no matter how many locations the sculpture has illuminated.

While the piece is not currently slated to appear in the U.S. you can check out the upcoming showings here.