Sasha Obama's real name is not 'Sasha,' it's 'Natasha'

File this under 'awkward.'

Over the weekend, former President Barack Obama's youngest daughter, Sasha Obama, turned 16 years old and photos of her Sweet 16 emerged on Instagram and Twitter.

Thousands online took the opportune moment to flood social feeds with celebratory wishes and memories of the days the Obama girls once roamed the White House -- but there was one tweet, in particular, that caught the internet's attention.

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"Today is the one year anniversary of me finding out Sasha Obama's actual first name is Natasha," Ashley Ford, a senior features writer at Refinery29, tweeted in a nonchalant fashion.

Many users responded that they were in some variation of "shook" upon learning the former first daughter's real name.

Others were speechless.

And some felt downright betrayed.

Though it is news to many, the tidbit apparently came into the purview of the internet last year when Sasha Obama worked at Martha's Vineyard, where she actually went by her formal name on her name tag, according to Huffpost Black Voices.

See more hilarious reactions to the news here:

Twitter meltdown: Obama's youngest daughter's name is not 'Sasha'
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Twitter meltdown: Obama's youngest daughter's name is not 'Sasha'
@iSmashFizzle wait i'm shook
@greghoward88 You are where I was one year ago
@iSmashFizzle WHAT
@itsashlyperez girl yes
@iSmashFizzle What? If you're trolling, this is excellent.
@iSmashFizzle Next year it will be mine.
@iSmashFizzle The replies of people being "shook." I can't front, I was shook too... when I learned years ago.
@iSmashFizzle Today's going to be the anniversary, going forward, of me finding out Sasha Obama's actual first name is Natasha
@iSmashFizzle Now we have the same anniversary just one year apart
@WimerAlberto @iSmashFizzle @fsmith827 This made me lol!
@iSmashFizzle I demand congressional investigations into Name-Gate
@iSmashFizzle If Bey was a friend of the fam, I'd be Sasha, too! Them: Are u & Bey really friends? Sasha: Yep! And…
@iSmashFizzle wow I feel like I need to dig back and remember when I found this out and put it on my cal

[h/t Huffpost Black Voices]

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