President Trump's first cabinet panned as 'bizarre'

President Trump met with his cabinet on Monday, and media reports are calling the meeting unlike anything they've seen before.

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During Monday's meeting, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus thanked the president for "the opportunity and blessing to serve your agenda."

"Never have seen a Cabinet meeting photo op quite like that one. Each member took turns praising Trump as he sat & nodded approvingly," wrote a New York Times reporter who was in the room.

Click through images from Trump's cabinet meeting:

Over members of the press called the cabinet meeting "bizarre," with CNN's Jake Tapper saying "never seen a Cabinet meeting like this one before."

The president went on to tell the group and the reporters in attendance, "Never has there been a president...who has passed more legislation, who's done more things than what we've done," noting Franklin D. Roosevelt as an exception to the statement.

The assertion has been met with some scrutiny, as the Trump administration has yet to get any of its major initiatives, such as healthcare, infrastructure, and tax reform, through the House and the Senate.

Politico pointed out thatHarry Truman was able to pass over 50 bills within his first 100 days. While Trump has signed 48 so far on his 142nd day.

Trump did give some acknowledgment to the lack of significant legislature, commenting, "If we had the greatest bill in the history of the world, we wouldn't get one vote from the Democrats. That's their game. They're obstructionist, and that's sad."