Pair of sea lion pups released back into the ocean after months of rehabilitation

A pair of rescued young sea lions were released back into the wild, just in time for World Oceans Day.

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The pups, known as patients 216 and 241, were discovered in May malnourished and dehydrated at the Will Rogers Park in Los Angeles, California.

"For the last couple months, we've been taking care of them," said an official with the Marine Mammal Care Center in Rancos Palos Verdes, who suspected the pups had been abandoned by their mother as she was foraging for food.

He said the pair of sea lions were able to double their weight and socialize well during their time in rehabilitation, which made the rescue confident they were ready to be released.

Sure enough, the pups could be seen bounding excitedly into the waves during their Saturday release.

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The Terranea Resort, where they mammals were released, also held a wildlife clean up event to celebrate World Oceans Day and the release of the sea lion pups.

World Oceans Day is celebrated by aquariums and zoos annually to promote sustainability and conservation.

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