Michael Jordan's old sneakers break auction record

Air Jordan sneakers sell at a fairly high price with some going for upwards of $250, sending people to search for a pair of used sneaks.

However, this pair of used sneakers didn't sell at a discount. They broke a record selling for a whopping $190,000.

The difference is that these actually caught air on the feet of Michael Jordan.

The Converse high tops were worn by Jordan during the 1984 gold medal Olympic game against Spain.

According to the SCP auction, they are the last pair MJ wore in competition as an amateur.

The shoes were given to a then 11-year-old ball boy who happened to be the son of Gail Goodrich.

The basketball legend signed the shoes after the game and gifted them to the boy who now, over 30 years later, has decided to part from his memento.

That's a pretty good return on a pair of used sneakers!