Benetton apologizes after 'no girls allowed' ad causes controversy

Benetton apologized for an ad for boys' clothing on social media that some have called sexist.

Heatstreet highlighted the controversy about the post.

The ad pictures three boys and has the words, "Sorry! No girls allowed!"

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Many expressed disappointment at the clothing company that in the past has featured ads that push LGBTQ inclusivity and cultural diversity.

Here's one comment that reads, "Girls not allowed! What year is this?!"

But some felt people were overreacting.

"This is a harmless ad that is poking fun at how boys at that age call girls yucky, nothing more, nothing less. People need to stop making everything something to fight about!"

The brand kept the post online but issued this apology, saying: "We're very sorry that our message struck the wrong chord with some of you."