Terrifying rattlesnake takes chill swim in someone's toilet

Two things are for certain: rattlesnakes are terrifying, and they belong outside. That means they absolutely should not even think about showing up to someone's home uninvited.

Unfortunately, one rattlesnake thought this was completely okay and waltzed itself right into someone's toilet. YouTube user Pomegranate Sunshine captured the frightening moment, and the only thing he could say was "oh my." And "oh my" is right.

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"Last night my girlfriend woke me up screaming because there was a snake in the toilet, thought she kidding," the video caption reads.

But it's no joke. Any snake that thinks it can just chill in somebody's toilet is clearly confused. Apparently, snakes of all kinds have a thing for just hanging out in toilets, but that's no excuse.

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Somebody please get this snake a GPS or perhaps a waterproof map! It doesn't have to go home, but it definitely has to get the hell out of here.