Sand artist Marc Treanor's creations are absolutely mesmerizing

Sandcastles beware, Marc Treanor is here to steal your thunder. Sand artist Marc Treanor creates large scale intricate drawings along the beaches of West Pembrokeshire in Wales.

Treanor's breathtaking pieces are inspired by sacred geometry which is the idea that all things naturally occurring in nature are created from specific geometric shapes. Sacred geometry has been found in our DNA as well as in the pattern of snowflakes. Marc Treanor is not the first artist to incorporate sacred geometry into his artworks, Leonardo Da Vinci was also known for incorporating the golden ratio into his paintings, most famously in the last supper.

Check out the stunning sand drawings below:

He has created everything from complex mandalas to portraits in honor of the start of the Tour de Yorkshire.

Treanor updates his Facebook with his upcoming creations, so if you're planning a trip to Wales you should count yourself lucky if you're able to glimpse one of his pieces before the tide washes his canvas clean.