Middle school yearbook with racial slur on cover distributed to kids

A San Diego middle school recalled a thousand yearbooks after discovering that every copy of the book had a racial slur printed on the cover.

The front of the 2016-2017 Black Mountain Middle School yearbook used a photo of a historical map as the background.

The map of San Diego County, which was dated to the 1800s, used the N-word to refer to an area where a former slave lived.

Christine Paik, the Communications Director for Poway Unified School District, told CBS8 that the inclusion of the slur was "an unfortunate inadvertent mistake on the part of our yearbook staff and yearbook adviser."

The school's eighth-grade class received the books before anyone noticed the error.

Officials manually removed the word from every single yearbook cover before distributing the books to the younger grades and re-distributing it to eighth graders.