Ivanka Trump's daughter, Arabella Kushner, wants to be in the Marines when she grows up

President Donald Trump's granddaughter Arabella is a rainbow-loving Ivanka Trump took to Twitter on Friday to share a photo of daughter Arabella Kushner's homework.

The first daughter and advisor to the president said her daughter was given a list of questions for a "Spotlight Interview" from her fellow kindergarten classmates, to which her mother added her answers were "very cute."

Some of those "cute" responses included Arabella's favorite food -- ice cream, "of course" she says -- and if she were a princess she would want to be Elena of Avalor, which any parent or 5-year-old would recognize.

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But other questions revealed more interesting responses from the young Kushner, including one about what she wants to be when she grows up.

"I'll be in the Marines," the 5-year-old answered.

When asked for her favorite color, she named the rainbow, and said her favorite number is infinity.

Her responses also hinted at her heritage. When asked what her favorite star was, Kushner, whose parents are Jewish, answered "A Star of David".

And her favorite holiday?

"Hanukkah because I get presents."

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Earlier this week, Trump shared another photo of her daughter doing computer science homework on Wednesday.

Trump posted the photo of herself and her daughter on Instagram, captioning the photo, "Learning to code with Arabella tonight!"

"By supporting computer science curriculum in our schools, I hope that all children will have the opportunity to become fluent in this language of the future," she added.