Obese pot-bellied pig recovering after weighing nearly 200 pounds


A pot-bellied pig is on her way to recovery after being found dangerously overweight in a Massachusetts home last month.

Maybelle the pig weighed nearly 200 pounds when she arrived at the Animal Rescue League of Boston six weeks ago.

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"She is so overweight right now," Michael DeFina, who works at the rescue, told InsideEdition.com. "There's a roll of fat over her eyes. You see her struggling to move around. It's heartbreaking to watch. But the encouraging thing is the fact that she already lost a little bit of weight."

Maybelle was reportedly being fed dog food before being rescued and was also immobile, all factors that contributed to her obesity.

Billerica Animal Control officers took the pig from the home of Megan Caterino, who has since been charged with animal cruelty.

The rescue organization has put the pig on a strict diet of vegetables six times a day and said she is already making significant progress.

"She's gaining mobility back," DeFina said. "There's really no workout regimen to do. She has a hard time standing. Right now, it's about lowering her calorie intake and slight movements that she does like going to the bathroom."

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The rescue plans to keep track of her weight loss with measuring tape until she is able to get on a scale.

"We're hoping to get her outside this summer for more exercise and get her back to the things pigs do," DeFina said.

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