Child given cocaine by 25 cent toy vending machine at restaurant

Police are investigating after a squishy ball toy that a young child bought at a Bell Gardens, California, vending machine was found to be filled with cocaine, according to KTLA.

The incident was reported on Monday after an unnamed boy purchased the drug-filled container at a restaurant called Taqueria Los Altos.

Investigators said that the boy's mother called the Bell Gardens Police Department after she noticed a powdery substance come out when her son first opened the toy.

Photo: Bell Gardens Police Department/KTLA

After officers ran the substance through a drug-testing kit, it ended up testing positive for cocaine. About 4.8 ounces of the drug were removed from the machine in total.

Although it is unclear how the cocaine got in the toy and the machine, detectives do not believe that the restaurant or the vending company are involved in the incident.